About Coloretas

I have always loved jewels and creating original designs that I would give as a present to close friends and relatives.

Experience, inspiration, joy, creations... Little by little I grew up and improved my designs, introducing new materials and inspirations. Afterwards the Design experience got into myself in a very colourful period of my life that I spent in Italy and I started to work in the jewellery design field for several companies. I got specialised as a jewellery design Professor in an Italian university and on my way back to Spain I decided to run Coloretas.

Life is a bunch of casualties and one of them took me to make some jewelleries as a party favor. They had a big acceptance and the requests and the word of mouth made me think about the idea of creating Coloretas.


Coloretas is my soul, my most special designs. Every piece is thought, design and made by hand with lots of love and dedication following a handcrafted process. Every jewellery piece is different, and has a special touch that makes it unique and special for you.
Coloretas is design, quality, varied materials with an innovative and  exclusive touch that makes them be unique jewellery pieces.

Coloretas is always evolving... moving... New designs are always there for you,knocking on the door of future collections that little by little will see the light

So, if you have an idea, or want a special jewel that you cannot find and you want to be created for you, something special, get in touch with me!

I hope you enjoy!