.The purchase in our web is completely secure: All your personal information & payment information is protected and there is not access to any unauthorized person at any time of the process. You can choose between the following payment methods:

•Visa or Mastercard.

A very secure option, in which all your bank information is protected during transmission to the unauthorized access.

•Paypal System.

You need to open an account on Paypal before to use this payment service.

•Bank transfer.

Making a Bank transfer to the bank account that we will let you know. At the time of making the transfer, the order number should be indicated along with the client’s name and surname The shipping will be done when we will receive the payment. If after 10 days we haven't received the payment, we will have to reject your order. Should you have any concerns don't hesitate to contact us.

The payment can be done through Paypal System, credit card and bank transfer. In any case the payment method election would be chosen during the payment process.

The total amount of the payment is calculated by adding the price of each of the items and shipping costs and finally subtracting the amount of possible promotions.

Once you have completed the Order Confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with the purchase information. In case you have registered you can check the information of your purchase in the following menu: "My account > My shippings"

You must notify Coloretas any improper or fraudulent charge to the card used for purchasing by email or phone, in the shortest time possible so Coloretas can make the necessary arrangements. Additionally suppliers or issuers of payment can take measures against fraud involving the rejection of certain types of transactions. Coloretas is not responsible for the implementation of such security policies.

If you have any problem with the payment, please get in contact with us at the following e-mail address and we will do as possible.