Red Ivy Stud Earrings


 Red Ivy pressure earrings with sterling silver (925) hook


 Red Ivy pressure earrings with sterling silver (925) hook

Made with natural ivy leaves.

Transparent silicone nuts.

The earrings measure 2.1cm in diameter.

Ivy leaves dyed red that float on a white base creating colorful and original effects.

Each pair of earrings is unique. We collect the leaves, dry them, press and treat them by hand so that each piece has a high quality.

In the case of natural leaves, the tones, shapes and sizes may vary slightly.

The earrings are made of resin, it looks like glass but they don't break like glass.

At Coloretas we think of you and all the hooks are in sterling silver to avoid possible allergies.

• Also available in this collection: pendant, ring, bracelet and brooch.

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