Handmade jewelry, perfect gift at Christmas

Christmas is approaching and we do not stop turning to those gifts that really matter, those gifts to the most special people. In Rouge we have the solution, artisan jewelry. 

An artisan jewel is a unique jewel. They are jewels made one by one, so no two are alike. And that unique jewel is a gift that makes you feel special. In addition, we have given a return to jewelry crafts creating pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches with leaves and natural flowers as you can see on our page www.coloretas.com. Daisies, anise flowers and rue leaves are the novelty this year, which join the artisan jewels made with bougainvillea, bay leaves, hydrangea flowers or ferns.

Remember, a handmade jewel is the best Christmas gift. Oh, and with the contained prices they serve as an invisible friend gift!