We love nature. And we believe that we must leave it better than we have received it, for the good of the planet and of future generations. That is why we have considered how to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically to numbers 13 (Action for the climate) and 15 (Life of terrestrial ecosystems).


 And in this we met the beautiful initiative "Archipelago of Forests" coordinated by Ecodes. They seek to join efforts of public and private institutions to reach 3,000,000 planted trees.

In addition, you can collaborate with them directly in the reforestation of the mountains of La Loma in Teruel, which were affected by a fire in 2009.

And we have decided to join this second initiative and collaborate with the planting of trees directly.
In addition to an initial donation, we will make a periodic donation based on the sales of jewels on our website.

So when you buy our jewels, in addition to taking an original and surprising jewel, you will be helping the reforestation of a mountain in Spain.
Together we can!