I love to observe nature. It is my source of inspiration in shapes and materials.

I look for emotions between the textures and colors of the field and I try to transmit them in my jewelry.

From walks through the countryside and the mountains, much of my jewels have emerged. From the bougainvillea, which has always been one of my favorite plants because of its color, and because they transport you to summer and the coast and I wanted to keep it forever in some designer jewelry. Going through the hydrangeas that remind me of my grandmother's house in Asturias. Or by the thoughts, which are very very special, since they are flowers that come out in winter and make us happy that darkest and coldest time of year.

Until skeletonized bay leaves, which you can see in various collections. I have always been surprised how in rivers, waterfalls or puddles, you can find leaves in which after weeks or months, the action of the water rots the soft part and their little veins remain. They look like a micro-spider web with the skeleton of the leaf! What if I could do it myself to create designer jewelry? After months of experimentation in my studio I managed to find a technique and some leaves that worked very well, the bay leaf! In addition, it is a plant that has meanings since ancient times such as nobility and longevity. After a few months I began to experiment with ivy leaves and the same technique. And I wanted to use a variety that is heart-shaped, perfect for an original jewelry. The treatment is even more delicate, since the capillaries of these leaves are finite, but the result is worth it.

Last summer I was able to enjoy the ferns from the islands of La Palma and La Gomera in the Canary Islands and I wanted to test samples collected there. But I noticed they had spores, super-pretty! What if we turn the sheet over and turn it upside down? So you can see the spores in your jewel, pure nature!

And what about the gold bread! Gold has always been the element used in jewelry, representing elegance. How to evolve it to create unique jewels? Using gold leaf sparks that float creating magical effects on black or transparent I achieved a surprising result. They were the first jewels of Coloretas and whose success encouraged me to launch myself with the project.

I use ecological methacrylate in all my jewelry, always respecting the environment. And all the hooks and clasps are from 925 sterling silver. Since I am aware that there are many people with allergies to nickel and other metals that are mixed in the metals of the jewelry. With this I minimize possible allergies. In addition, laces of the pendants they are made of steel covered with plastic in various colors to avoid these annoying allergies as well.

Our precious bracelets wear organza bow high quality together with some rubber bands that allow you to easily adjust them to different heights and that they do not turn around.

And those rings so striking, original and colorful they are made of one piece and of the same material so that on the one hand they do not break and on the other, that the protagonism is completely in the leaf, flower or gold leaf.

This does not end here. ;) I've been experimenting with other materials from nature for months and I hope to surprise you soon!