I have always liked jewelry, creating original designs that I then gave to the closest people. Experiment, play, create, have fun, excite, feel ... Little by little I grew and perfected my designs, introducing new materials and inspirations. Later, design came through my veins at a colorful stage of my life in Italy and I started working with jewelry designs for various companies. I specialized as a jewelry design professor at a university in Milan and on my return to Madrid I decided to start Coloretas.

Life is a set of coincidences and one of them led me to make some jewelry to give at a wedding. These were so popular that requests, and growing word of mouth led to the idea of creating Coloretas.

Coloretas is my soul, my most special designs. Each piece is thought and designed by hand with a lot of love and dedication following a purely handmade process. Each piece is different, it has a special touch that makes it unique and made just for you.

Coloretas is design, quality, varied materials with an innovative and exclusive touch that makes them unique pieces.

Coloretas is always in evolution, in movement ... New designs are there, knocking on the door of future collections that will gradually see the light for you.

Also, if you have an idea, a jewel that you have not found and you want it to be designed for you, something special, get in touch with me!

I hope you like them!