Our online jewelry is 100% handmade

All our jewelry They are made one by one in a way handcrafted with a process developed by us over the last 4 years.

A special story is that of the Hydrangea single flower pendants and bracelets. You could say that these jewels are Galician, since the flowers come from the garden of a relative next to the Miño river basin, between Galicia and Portugal. The plant is over 20 years old and has become a hydrangea tree, with a huge trunk and thanks to this it makes very large flowers, which you can enjoy with the pendants or earrings of a flower. Every summer we organize an expedition that allows us to bring a few flowers to our workshop to continue maintaining this collection that we like so much.

Once the flowers are collected we dry them in our presses and we prepare them to turn them into pendants and bracelets in a process that takes between 10 and 15 days.

You can combine the pendants and bracelets with other jewels from your collection such as rings, earrings or brooches. All made with hydrangea flowers.

Oh, and a very beautiful and original thing is that they are all different jewels, since each flower is different. What are you waiting for to get one?