New Choker made with Hydrangea flowers!

One, two, three, four and even 5 Hydrangea flowers in blue and green tones to create the new Coloretas necklace from his Tutti Frutti collection!

Hydrangea flowers collected in Asturias and Galicia, dried and treated one by one by hand by us, which become an artisan jewel of design made in Spain. Each jewel It is finished with a height-adjustable silver chain that gives it an elegant touch.

Bearing blue tones you can combine the new choker with the existing earrings in your collection or bracelet, ring or brooch. The jewel is very beautiful and original on the skin directly or on a light shirt, blouse, shirt or sweater, which makes its color stand out very well. Thanks to its green and blue tones, you can combine the choker very well in the different seasons of the year.

In the same collection, you can also find another necklace with 6 hydrangea flowers in blue and mauve tones for a long time.

You can find all the jewels of the Tutti Frutti collection made by hand with hydrangea flowers in this link on our website

We hope you like them!