New jewels made with real Hydrangea Flowers

We all like to show off and be a little conceited and from time to time surprise those we meet. For this in Natural Jewelry Rouge we have worked to extend our collection "hydrangeas" which is made with real hydrangea flower jewelry.

We present you some new, long earrings and with the silver hook, and at the same time very elegant with a hydrangea flower at the end of them, in blue or fuchsia. In addition, and always following the same line, we also present some rings with their silver hoop and as a novelty, in one size.

You can combine them with the rest of the jewels made with hydrangea flowers in your collection: bracelets with 1 or two flowers, pendants with 1 or three flowers, necklaces in different tones with 5 different flowers or even your existing rings or earrings.

You are sure to succeed and you are the star, whether you have to give a gift or if you have an occasion where you want to look original. In you can find all the information.