Prickly pear wood Pendant

Prickly pear wood pendant on purple background with steel chain and sterling silver (925) clasp.

Pendant measure 4.5 x 7.2 cm long.

Prickly pears (also known as Prickly Pear, Nopal, Palatine Fig ..) is a plant of the cactus family. From it we obtain the tasty prickly pear figs. Its wood is hollow since the plant stores water inside for times of drought; when the plant dies, the wood remains like a hollow network. This original and unique wood with abstract shapes is what we use to make the jewels in the chumbera wood collection.

Each pendant is unique and special and is made with love and dedication. We collect the wood and treat it by hand so that each piece has a high quality.

In the case of natural wood, the tones may vary slightly. If you have a preference, you can point it out in the comments section during the purchase process. We will try to adjust as much as possible to your request.

The piece is made of methacrylate, it looks like glass but it doesn't break

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