All our jewels are made with the best materials and following a 100% handmade manufacturing process, but if you want your jewelry to look like the first day, we give you these brief general tips so that you enjoy them for a long time:

1. To avoid damage or scratches, always store your jewelry separately so that they do not rub against each other.

2. As far as possible, avoid contact of your jewelry with water in the shower, the pool or the sea.

3. Do not expose your jewelry to chemicals and acids such as perfumes, soaps, detergents, lacquers ... etc

4. To clean them once they are used, just pass a cotton cloth or a non-abrasive chamois to remove any dirt that the piece may have.

5. Always remember to put earplugs on your earrings. The jewels are very light and if you don't wear them you could lose them without realizing it.

6. Steel cords can deform if not stored properly. Keep them always rolled and not folded and they will have a long life together with the rest of your jewel.