The purchases you make on our website are completely safe: your personal and bank details are protected and are not accessible to unauthorized persons at any point in the process. You can choose between the following payment methods:

• Visa or Mastercard credit card.

A very secure mode, in which your bank details are protected from unauthorized access during transmission.

• Paypal system.

If you are a regular customer of this service, you can use it to make your payment.

•Wire transfer.

By making a transfer to the account number that is shown at the end of your purchase process, and always stating your order number. The shipment is made when we receive the proof of payment. If after 10 days we have not received it, we will have to reject your order. For any questions please contact us.

All purchases can be paid with the PayPal System, Card payment and Bank transfer. In any case, the choice of the means of payment is made during the purchase process on the corresponding screen.