Whole Catonephele Numilia Butterfly Choker 4 wings


Choker with body and silver cord chain adjustable to different measurements made with real Catonephele Numilia Butterfly wings, also called spotted velvet. It is made with the 4 wings of the butterfly.

Those butterflies that die after completing their life and reproductive cycle are collected to give them a second life as an original, colorful and magical jewel like a Butterfly.

Approximate measurement 7x4cm.

Pieces made in collaboration with MUSHOS MUSUK, a Spanish butterfly farm, and its collaborators, whose objective is educational dissemination, breeding and reproduction of butterflies for their release. NO BUTTERFLY HAS BEEN BREEDED OR KILLED FOR THE CREATION OF THESE JEWELS.

It is a butterfly that presents sexual dimorphism (Males are those that have orange dots on black)


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