Morpho Peleides Butterfly Choker


Choker with hooks and silver chain adjustable to different sizes made with a real wing of the Morpho Peleides Butterfly. REVERSIBLE NECKLACE On the one hand it has an Electric Blue color while on the other they are brown-orange tones making curious drawings in the shape of eyes. Can be worn on both sides

Approximate measurements: 6 x 6 cm

The Morpho Peleides butterfly is one of the largest in the world. Original from
Central America. The bright blue color on its wings is caused by light diffraction from millions of tiny scales on its wings, thus creating a flicker when it flaps that it uses to scare off predators.

Pieces made in collaboration with MUSHOS MUSUK, a Spanish butterfly farm, and its collaborators, whose objective is the educational dissemination, breeding and reproduction of butterflies for their release. NO BUTTERFLY HAS BEEN RAISED OR KILLED FOR THE CREATION OF THESE JEWELS.

Those butterflies that die after completing their life and reproductive cycle are collected to give them a second life as an original, colorful and magical gem like a Butterfly.

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