Online artisan jewelry with very special ferns

From our trips they sometimes leave surprise jewelry collections! Like the Ferns collection with white background.

We went one summer to the island of La Palma, a beautiful island in the Canary Islands, and doing a march we ended up between ferns and we began to think about how they could look good on our handmade jewelry. What if we turn the pages and what we leave in view is their reverse? We realized that then the jewel became very very special because in addition in many of them you can see the spores, their seeds. What is original?

The fern leaves all look the same but they are very different and so each pendant, bracelet or ring is unique and different from the others, The magic of nature!

So we collected quite a few ferns and since we fell short with our travel leaf presses (available on our website) we used a rudimentary but very effective way to dry them that we had on hand, guess what? Well, newspapers and books like when we were little. :)

In addition, contrasting online jewelry with fern leaf and the background in white and using a golden steel cord with silver hooks, there are some very very beautiful jewels.

Don't miss out on your original jewel! Soon in other colors!