Chokers are for the summer

This summer you will surprise with your original jewelry. And we propose something that you will love, necklaces made with real leaves and flowers, also handcrafted in Spain.

On our website you can find different types, such as those made with 2 bay leaves in various colors, green and purple, orange and purple, blue or black. They are delicate and original at the same time since you can see the entire skeleton of the leaves, which are unique like nature.

Others are made with hydrangea flowers that we collect in Asturias, joining 6 flowers in the necklace, some in blue and red tones and others in green and blue tones.

And others, also very original, are made with rue leaves, which create forms so magical and so different ... and also gold with a black background they are very elegant. All chokers have their extendable silver cord, so you can put it at different heights.

Do not hesitate, it is the best option of original jewelry for this summer.